Aerial view of the Science Gateway land near Globe
(Image: CERN)

Mandate :

  • Management of the industrial support contract for Maintenance & Operation.
  • Supervision of non-LHC cryogenic systems and infrastructure exploitation.
  • Development of methodology, quality assurance and tools leading to the improvement of the overall availability of the cryogenic systems.
  • In that context ML is in charge of establishing and enforcing the TE-CRG Naming convention
  • Management of the CAMMS interface and tools, spare parts logistics and storage.
  • Orders and distribution of cryogenic fluids CERN-wide.
  • Coordination & scheduling of TE-CRG activities.
  • Interface with the central coordination for accelerators, detectors and test facilities.

Additional information: 

  • Detailed presentation of some sections activities.
  • Links to Reference documentations and Tools.
  • Links towards external Resources.