Artistic representation of an ALICE particle interaction event
(Image: CERN)


Beside the LHC accelerator and its associated detectors, the cryogenic group is in charge of many other installations for:

  • Test facilities:
    • SM18 for Magnet and RF,
    • West area Test facility for Fair magnets,
    • B163 for magnet cables,
    • BA6 for CRAB RF Modules,
    • BA4 for VSC equipment;
  • Liquid Helium cooling dedicated to End of Line experiments In North Area;
  • Liquid helium RF cooling, for HIE Isolde accelerator;
  • Liquid Helium production, distribution and recuperation in North Area, Central Area and Point 8;
  • Liquid Nitrogen cooling for NA62 and the two neutrino platforms NP02 and NP04;

To achieve these missions the MLSection is collaborating with the SercAL Consortium In charge of the Exploitation of the Non-LHC Cryogenic Facilities.


Other Facilities



Small Accelerator